Sunday, September 18, 2011

Best Lunch in Paris - L'As du Fallafel

Yes, it's in every guidebook. Yes, there is a long line. And yes, it's that good.
It's hard to say what makes these falafels the best in town. For one thing, the falafels are small, crisp and flavorful. The toppings, like crisp cabbage and cucumbers, are generous, but perfectly balanced, not too much or too little of any one ingredient. The harissa, a Tunisian hot chili sauce I had never heard of before L'As du Fallafel, is the perfect level of spicy hot. Personally, I think it's the fried eggplant that makes them so great. Regardless, these falafel pitas are fantastic and at only six euros, quite a deal by Paris standards.

L'As du Fallafel (and yes, if you are wondering, it is spelled with two Ls) is located in the Marais district in the 4th arrondissement in Paris. This area is home to a large Jewish community so you'll find many specialty food shops here, plus this is one of the few areas in Paris open on Sundays.

Here's the drill: Line up with other hungry locals and tourists. (Don't worry, you'll see the line.) Place your order with the guy outside and pay him. (You'll see lots of tourists balk at this and walk away, but when he takes an order and collects money from the next people in line, they realize it's legit, get in line again and make the transaction.) Then hand your receipt to the guys in the window and voila the perfect falafel sandwich. We learned a bit of a trick after waiting in line on many busy Sunday afternoons...get a table. Although the food is a bit more expensive inside than take away orders, it is usually less of a wait and you can get a beer with lunch. Another perk, you'll have a table where you can eat your messy meal. After you lose a falafel or two trying to eat one standing in the street, you might consider this an excellent option.

Still not convinced that you want to spend one of your meals in Paris on falafels? Don't just take our word for it, here are more rave reviews of L'As du Fallafel:

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Bon appetit!

L'As du Fallafel
34 rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris
+33 (0)1 48 87 63 60

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