Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hangar-7 - Salzburg, Austria

Planes, cars, art and'll find them all at the stunning Hangar-7.
Photo credit: Helge Kirchberger / Red Bull Photofiles

At the Salzburg Airport, a quick drive from the center of the city, is the unique museum/art gallery/restaurant/bar from the founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz.  Hangar-7 is just that, an airplane hangar, built to house the aircraft collection of the Flying Bulls, contemporary helicopters and Red Bull racing cars.  However, the building itself is no ordinary hangar but an incredibly impressive glass and steel building, designed by local architect Volkmar Burgstaller, that houses an art gallery, restaurant and bars.

A simple idea (the need for storage space) became a unique concept - a passion for planes lead to the aircraft museum and the Flying Bulls, a love of the arts was the basis for the HangART-7 project which highlights contemporary artists and, my personal favorite, a focus on the culinary arts lead to the Ikarus guest chef concept.

Restaurant Ikarus has an innovative way to get repeat customers, it changes chefs on a monthly basis.  But not just any chefs, world-class, often Michelin-starred, chefs do month-long stints at the restaurant developing and executing their unique menus for the lucky diners that get a table.  The culmination each year is Ikarus night when all 12 chefs return to produce a collaborative menu during a themed night where all proceeds go to charity.  I am extremely jealous of anyone that lives in Salzburg and has had the food of Jean-Georges Vongerichten, René Redzepi and Kenichiro Ooe available right down the street.

Threesixty Bar is a 35-person bar that is reached by a thin ramp that seems to float up to the peak of the roof where the bar is suspended from the ceiling.  Glass walls and floor make for easy people watching and a birds-eye view of the planes parked directly below.
Photo Credit: Jürgen Skarwan / Red Bull Photofiles
Mayday Bar, just above Ikarus, is a relaxing place to grab a drink in an open atmosphere where you can  get a closer look at the items in the hangar as well as a good view of what people are eating at Ikarus.  A solid list of non-alcoholic drinks, including Red Bull, of course, and Carpe Diem drinks, are available as well as classic cocktails, beer, wine and many variations of the infamous Red Bull vodka.

The entire hangar is open for viewing on the main floor, for both the aircraft and art, during the day and before or after drinks or dinner. Definitely one of the most unique places we have visited, and a top recommendation for any travel in or near Salzburg.

Hangar-7, Salzburg Airport, Wilhelm-Spazier-Str. 7A, 5020 Salzburg, +43 662 2197,,

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