Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Alice's Tea Cup - Best scones in New York

Lucky for me, this adorable little tea shop was only doors down from my friend's flat in New York.  And even luckier, today Alice's new cookbook is available so I can make their amazing scones at home...well try at least.

I'm not sure about "whimsical", but Alice's is the cutest tea shop I know.  The teas are great, the breakfasts yummy, but everyone goes here for the scones.  The cherry and chocolate scone is my favorite, but the pumpkin scone is a close second.  And if neither of those flavors are to your liking, you can find over a dozen more to try.  Make a detour to one of the three locations on your next trip to New York or pick-up this cookbook and try out Haley and Lauren Fox's delicious recipes.

Alice's Tea Cup
102 W. 73rd Street
156 E. 64th Street
220 E. 81st Street

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