Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back to the Grind: 5 More Top Coffee Shops around the World

The quest for the perfect espresso continues as we build on our original top 5 list of the best coffee shops around the world with five more of the best places we've found for a great coffee.

Updated October 23, 2014

Pablo & Rusty's, Sydney 
161 Castlereagh Street, +61 (02) 9283 9543,
We could not be any more excited that a fantastic roaster and coffee maker has come to Sydney CBD in a big way. Check out their beautiful cafe and have a fantastic coffee while you're there.

Victrola, Seattle
411 15th Avenue E (and other locations),
Seattle takes its coffee seriously and has landed on the top of both of our charts.  Victrola is the latest and greatest in the land of serious coffee drinkers. It's dark, strong coffee, not for the faint of heart, but always a perfect cuppa joe.

Photo courtesy of Victrola Coffee
Princi, London
135 Wardour Street, +44 020 7478 8888,
Most importantly, the coffee is excellent, but if you look for a good pastry to go along with it, this is the place for you.  Finding a great coffee place in London took ages, but it was well worth the search.

Blue Bottle, San Francisco
Mint Plaza, 66 Mint Street, San Francisco, 510-653-3394,
Blue Bottle is where I want to go every morning for a double latte and breakfast.  And I always end up walking out with a bag of anise cookies, some granola, another latte...
Photo from Blue Bottle Coffee
Pasticceria Bastianello, Milan
Via Borgogna, 5
I'm always amazed that even the tiniest, least decorative caffes in Italy have excellent coffee.  Well, Pasticceria Bastianello is the opposite...ornate and formal but still, a perfect cappuccino.  And the pastries are almost too pretty to eat.
Best to our fellow coffee drinkers,
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  1. Since we are always trying to help our readers find the perfect cup of joe, here's a great list of even more top spots in Seattle - A Bite of the Web: Seattle’s Best Coffee ( And yes, our favorite, Victrola, is among the top picks on the Local Dish!