Friday, September 10, 2021

Author Interview: Jim Halverson

Author Jim Halverson shares insights about the setting, situation and psychology that an unlucky group of travelers find themselves dealing with in the adventure novel, Wilderness Spa. 


In Wilderness Spa, you made some interesting observations of camp life in the Alaskan wilderness. Have you been there?

Yes, I have rafted on wilderness rivers in Alaska, hiked in Denali, and climbed glaciers.    

Much of Wilderness Spa deals with the campers’ search for answers and logical methods used to divine the truth. Yet, when it was most critical, they failed. What is the reasoning error they failed to address correctly?

Much like the everyday lives we lead, the campers failed to consider all options and possible consequences when they were desperate. To succeed, all facts, options, and consequences must be honestly considered.

Roberta portrays a positive absolute agenda, demanding uncompromised thought and logic until the last thing we read are her innermost concerns about rebuilding her logical foundation. Did you frame her life as a failure?

Not at all. In fact, I consider her even stronger because she has the emotional strength required to rebuild her convictions.

What advice would you offer to campers stranded in the wilderness?

Never react in desperation and always follow a river downstream.

The cover of Wilderness Spa features a Grizzly bear. Have you ever seen one up close?

I photographed a mother and three cubs from about thirty yards. My most concerning encounter came while hiking by myself when two cubs followed me about a hundred yards away and I didn’t know where their mother was.

Have any of your fireside chats in the wilderness emulated what you wrote in Wilderness Spa?

Not specifically, but always in depth and noteworthy. Interesting people working together in a common cause create memorable conversations.

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