Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hatari Lodge - Tanzania

A contemporary lodge with modern amenities set in the Arusha National Park with views of Mount Kilimanjaro - an African oasis.

At breakfast one morning at Hatari Lodge, while chatting over coffee about our upcoming private walking safari through the national park (i.e. the backyard), four giraffes walked by and looked in the window of main building, apparently to see what we were having for breakfast.  No one seemed surprised however, it’s standard fare for the lodge as it is situated on the Arusha National Park.

Named and established after the filming of the John Wayne movie of the same name, Hatari Lodge in Tanzania offers nine private suites with fireplaces and massive bathrooms in a modern safari style.  Meals are a casual, community affair and a chance to meet and get advice from your fascinating hosts and fellow travelers.
Hatari Lodge - room
The atmosphere is almost surreal – complete isolation, wildlife everywhere, a “walk in the park” comes complete with a rifle-armed security guard and while walking between the main lodge and cabins, guests are escorted by the native Masai who watch for large game, especially important at night.

And that is whole point: being able to relax because your stay is so comfort while offering the experience of the African wildlife right at your doorstep. It is truly an unforgettable experience…and I can’t wait to go back.

Hatari Lodge
, Arusha National Park, +255 (0)27 255 3456,,


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