Monday, November 4, 2013

travel2change - Changing the Way We Travel

It seems that after traveling for a bit, many of us start to wonder if there is any way we can help those less fortunate in the amazing places that have left such strong impressions on us. 
Now, travel2change offers an answer.

With a mission to "make travel better for travelers and locals", travel2change is bringing together the needs of communities with the skills of those visiting these places.

Founder Thomas Kohler explains it like this: "With travel2change we seek to inspire all travelers to not just travel, but to travel and create change for them and the local communities they visit. We invite travelers, locals and nonprofits to create or find projects that will make a difference through traveling."

Here is a snapshot of some of the travel2change projects currently in the works:

Heading to Nepal? Your creative skills could help young students learn about art -- an often excluded part of village curriculums -- through the "Where there's Color there's Hope" project.

In Peru, join the Amazon Basin Research and Conservation Project as a volunteer or longer term internship as the organization studies the impact of humans on the region's wildlife.

Help promote the benefits of permaculture by supporting the building of sustainable, edible landscaping in Hawaii through a Sustainable Farming project.

Can't find a suitable project? No problem, create your own. The most innovative part of travel2change may just be the ability to start a project that both fulfills a need in a community and leverages your unique skills. Others then vote on and join your project, helping it to become a reality.

There is another, subtle but important benefit of all of these projects, and that is connecting with others, both in the local communities and travelers from around the world with similar concerns, hopes and priorities. 

What travel2change is doing envelopes so many different facets of travel, charity and awareness of our world that it can appeal to almost every traveler in a personal way. Check out their fascinating website and get lost (like we did!) reading about fantastic projects in dozens of countries around the world. Or create your own project and collaborate with the growing number of like-minded people joining every week.  


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