Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Liebster Award

It's a good day when you wake up and find out that you've been nominated for something, anything really. Well, we are quite pleased to have been nominated for the Liebster Award! 

A big thanks to Wenny from I Got It From My Mama for the nomination. I Got It From My Mama is a Perth-based blog with great collection of posts that include recipes, product tests and restaurant reviews. A very fun read!

As a bit of background, the Liebster Award is awarded to small blogs, by other bloggers, as a way to recognize each otherLiebster is a German word that means "favorite", “beloved” or "dearest" and a blog nominated for this award is considered “worth watching”. As part of the award process, we nominate other blogs and both provide and answer questions for the contest. Here goes...
    Our Blog Nominations for a 2013 Liebster Award are:
    (Note to the nominees: Apologies - and congratulations - if you have more followers than the Liebster Award allows for the nomination. It was sometimes tricky to find the data.)
    1. My 2 Brads - Charming, heartfelt and hilarious posts about two dads named Brad and their little boy, Kyler.
    2. Mother Down Under - Photos, recipes, products and baby-friendly cafes from an American mom  in Australia.
    3. Toot'N Towns USA - Highlighting small towns across the United States.
    4. The Best Little Cocktail Blog - Wonderfully written blog about unique alcohols and interesting cocktails.
    5. Maui Shop Girl - A local perspective on Maui living and shopping.
    11 questions for 30-something Travel by Wendy at I Got It From My Mama: 

    1. What's your favourite pizza topping? 
    Hmm, I eat everything from vegetarian to all meat pizza, but I'd have to say a good Italian sausage topping is hard to beat.

    2. What's your favourite thing to do on a weekend afternoon?
    Drink cocktails, ideally in a beautiful location or hip bar.

    3. Is there a go-to recipe in your life? 
    Spaghetti with bacon, garlic, peas, Parmesan cheese and cream. I came up with the recipe when I had first moved to Paris and was a bit timid about going out to eat on my own. My neighborhood grocery story had everything in perfect portions, even the bacon (or lardons) was already chopped up. I can make the whole meal in the time it takes the pasta to cook.

    4. If you watched any cartoons in your life, what was it? 
    I watched a cartoon called Aqua Boy, but no one remembers it and I have never found any information about it. 

    5. What's the best thing about the country you're living in now?
    There is so much to explore. I moved to Australia six months ago and have yet to scratch the surface of this vast and dynamic country.

    6. If you could go to any country to have just one meal, where and what would it be?
    Since I just read the Sydney Morning Herald's Foodie Bucket List, I'd like to go to Saffire Freycinet Lodge and eat oysters while standing thigh deep (wearing waders, of course) in Tasmania.

    7. What's your favourite cereal? 
    I eat granola almost every day, but the truth is that I LOVE Captain Crunch!

    8. Do you have any pets? 

    No, but I would like a fish.

    9. What is the one thing you will never, ever eat? 
    Anything that is alive. 

    10. If you could swap places with someone for a day, who would it be and why? 
    My 1 1/2 year old son, so I could understand life from his perspective.

    11. This one's free; just tell me anything you want! (: 
    When I was growing up, I wanted to be a marine biologist.

    Such fun answering these questions. Thanks Wenny!

    11 Facts about Me:
    1. I love to travel! 
    2. I like to eat and drink more than I like to travel. Maybe I should start a food and drinks blog, hmmmm.
    3. I have visited every continent.
    4. I am regularly late to meetings, events and planes because I have gone off in search of a good coffee and wound up much further from where I was supposed to be than I had planned.
    5. My favorite food is whatever my dad is cooking, although I will admit that I can only eat one bite of his liverwurst sandwiches.
    6. I wrote a children's book that I'm actively working on getting published. (Cross your fingers.)
    7. As soon as I finished watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I said it was my all-time favorite movie, displacing The Sound of Music.  
    8. Giraffes are my favorite animal.
    9. I hate to run.
    10. My coffee order is a double short latte (in the US) or a strong small latte (in Australia).
    11. My favorite coffee right now Seven Seeds.
    11 Questions for our nominees: 
    1. What is your favorite post on your own blog?
    2. If you could write about anything - other than the topic of your blog - what would it be?
    3. Who would be your ultimate blog follower, i.e. who is the one person you most want to read your blog?
    4. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
    5. What is your favorite country?
    6. How much vacation time do get each year?
    7. If you won an all-expense paid vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    8. If you could ask a local one question before visiting their city for the first time, what would it be?
    9. What is your preferred way to travel - planes, trains, automobiles, bike, etc.
    10. What souvenir do you bring back from a vacation - wine, postcards, shoes, photos?
    11. How will you celebrate getting a Liebster Award?
    Thanks again to I Got It From My Mama for the nomination and congratulations to all the new Liebster nominees!

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    1. you're welcome Stephanie! I hate to run as well. I'd like to say I tried to love it, but I'm sticking to gym bikes for now. I'm glad you had fun doing this, it is lovely knowing more about other bloggers! :)